Angela Caporaso's art has always been characterized by a constant research and experimentation.
Since her first exhibitions, which date back to the eighties, she has revealed a constant strain towards new expressive languages.

This constant research led Angela to contaminate sign with colour, font with image, literature with painting, as though one single medium was not sufficient to express her complex imaginative world.

She has worked on the words of the main contemporary writers and has dedicated some of her exhibitions to Albert Camus, Emily Dickinson, Pier Vittorio Tondelli.

Influenced by Pop Art, she has inserted in her works the typical comics “bubbles”, as well as advertising references, decontextualized and transformed into a proper artistic language.

She has worked with unrecyclable waste material, humble and inert, which has acquired new sense and meaning thanks to the artist’s intervention.

Angela Caporaso is an Italian artist focusing on mail art, artists books and visual poetry, working with the mediums of collage, trash-art and, more recently, digital formats.

Best Exhibitions:

"Les Etrangers" artwork exhibition in honour of french writer Albert Camus;

“EU” interdisciplinary performance art , "Casertavecchia cultura per sempre", Casertavecchia (CE) - Palazzo dei Vescovi;

"Poetica/Politica" exhibition was conducted in many places, San Leucio (CE), Bologna;

"Tondelli Imperfetti"-a tribute to Pier Vittorio Tondelli- is a travelling collage exhibition which was set in many places - Caserta, San Leucio (CE), Napoli, Firenze, Second Life ;

"Le mille emily" collage exhibition in honour of American poet Emily Dickinson, Limatola (BN);

"h2o" water-themed exhibition;

“Nerogenet1” et “Mariolino e l’immagine sulla lavagna” digital art , Fiera del Libro di Torino;

"Kauffmann 0.7...trash art" for the bicentennial of Angelica Kauffmann's death, Capua (CE) - Palazzo Fazio (2007) - catalogue by Associazione Anna Jervolino, Caserta;

2008 "Ar(t)cevia International Art Festival" curated by Massimo Nicotra

"Nuova Voce-La Fiera del levante adotta Telethon" - Fiera del Levante di Bari 2008 curated by Fondazione Giorgio Correggiari.

June 2009 "L'avatar di Angela Caporaso" Angela Caporaso paintings' anthology ; exhibition organized by Web Art Magazine - curator : Eraldo Di Vita.

In September 2010 her collage "Dama Verde" (1993) is book cover of "Giovani Blues - Sulle orme di Pier Vittorio Tondelli" short story collection published by Edizioni Amande, Casier (TV).

In June 2011 her collage "Quando piovono vocali" (2010) is book cover of "Scrittura e immagine" short story collection published by Edizioni Amande, Casier (TV).

November 2011 : Tra secondo e terzo millennio – Opere in catalogo di Angela Caporaso
Monographic catalogue - 50 pages - col. ill. - 20 x 30 cm - € 20 - Ed. Amande
Curator : Paolo Schiera.
Interview with the artist by Alberto Buzzo.
The first monographic catalogue of Angela Caporaso.
This publication presents a selection of works produced between 1993 and 2011. ISBN 978-88-97681-00-7.

From 21/4/2012 to 28/4/2012 Bourbon Military Quarter - Former (ex-) Barracks De Martino Casagiove - Ce - Italy "Between the second and third millennium" retrospective (anthological) exhibition of Angela Caporaso edited by Paolo Schiera.

March 2013 her collage Time – 2 is selected for Maintenant 7 - Journal of Contemporary Dada Poetry & Art - Three Rooms Press Editors.

December 2013 : her artist’s book “La natura virtuale delle cose” is included in Di Carta/Papermade, curated by Valeria Bertesina, Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio (VI), Italy.

Le Printemps - artist’s book by Angela Caporaso ed. Amande published in May 2013, centenary of the first performance of Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps ( Paris – May 1913) printed in numbered edition in a limited printing of 25 copies signed by the artist and numbered from 1 to 25 . A literary contribution of Silvia Longo. ISBN 978 - 88 - 97681 - 11 - 3

February 2014 : Angela Caporaso’s visual poetry chapbooks - Dan Warner's "This is Visual Poetry" series.

April 2014 her collage Adam Smith is selected for Maintenant 8 - Journal of Contemporary Dada Poetry & Art - Three Rooms Press Editors.

21/28 June 2014 - SKEDA metropolitana/Prato - "Doppio Movimento" : solo exhibition by Angela Caporaso, curators Ina Ripari and Enzo Correnti. Catalog Youcanprint Editions : edited by Fabio Ivan Pigola and Alberto Buzzo.

May 2015 her photocollage “Catene tecnologiche” is selected for Maintenant 9 - Journal of Contemporary Dada Poetry & Art - Three Rooms Press Editors.

During the last years, a constant research of new expressive media enabled her to create works in digital format, such as her interactive digital collages dedicated to the writer Jean Genet and afterwards, to get to Second Life, where her works were turned into wonderful textures.

Angela Caporaso is an Italian mail-artist and women book artist.

Last works - collages, trash art, mail-art - are contaminated by virtual elements (avatar's photos).

ANGELA CAPORASO - Via Adige, 4 - 81100 CASERTA - + 39 347 8874898 -